Rocky Mountain Kids (RMK) is a Colorado based before and after school company, that focuses on four pillars of development during care that aim to supplement your childs daily school routine;
Leadership, Safety, Wellness & Community
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Pillar 1: Leadership
Leadership is made, not born; and teaching children how to be leaders in their schools, at home, and in their community builds a better tomorrow for all of us.  
Pillar 2: Safety​
Learning to be aware of our surroundings, and preserve and protect those things and people that are important to us is a vital part of our development, something we include from the get go with RMK.

Pillar 3: Wellness
Wellness is the foundation for a long and happy life for every child and famliy. Wellness extends to the physical, mental, and social health of every person, and is something we pride as a focus in our program.
Pillar 4: Community
Citizenship in community doesn't have to wait for adulthood to create impact. Children have energy, and learning to channel that energy for good makes our communities stronger. 
Upcoming Events
Winter 2018

Monday, February 19th- CLOSED at both Aurora Quest & Aurora Frontier.

Friday, March 9th- FULL DAY- Hosted ONLY at Aurora Frontier. Dr. Seuss Day including games and crafts themed after Dr. Seuss books. 

Spring Break hosted at Aurora Frontier 3/23/18-4/2/18

3/23- Spring Break Party with lunch included 

3/26- Obstacle Course Day 

3/27- Wheels Day

3/28- Skate City

3/29- Spring Fling Crafts with Miss Bekah 

3/30- Science Experiments

4/02- Old Chicago Rescheduled 

Friday, May 4th- HALF DAY- Hosted at both Aurora Frontier and Aurora Quest. Activities for the day include a Lady Bug craft and a Caterpillar Craft