established in 2016​​​​

helping colorado kids reach their greatest heights


Know your provider

You trust your doctor, you trust your accountant, you probably even trust your neighbor. Why? Because you know them, or at least know what to expect from them, and they consistently deliver. 

We are no different... so here is who we are...

Passionate. Experienced. Genuine.

Our team is unique. We are young professionals; doctors, bankers, business professionals, & health experts. We love Colorado, its culture, its communities, and its great outdoors. We are parents and pet owners. We.... are you --- and that is why we are here, to provide the option that isn't currently available for the care of your children before and after school.
Kate Cleveland
Brennan Fontaine
​Executive Director,
Business Management

Brennan was born and raised in Colorado.  He has been working with children in a child care setting for over 20 years. When working with kids he enjoys organizing team sports, taking nature walks, and Casa Bonita is his favorite field trip.  In his spare time, Brennan enjoys long runs, hanging with his pooches, and the Colorado Rockies.

Contact Brennan for all Operations questions (licensing, programming, etc):
Phone/Text: 720-275-0654
Executive Director,
Administrative Services

Kate grew up on a small island outside of Seattle, WA. Kate moved to Colorado in 2015 with her husband Russ and four kids. Kate loves inspiring, mentoring, and challenging children in new and creative ways. Kate is a certified Exercise Physiologist, and is finishing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Contact Kate for all Billing, Scheduling, Enrollment, and Staffing questions.
Phone/Text: 720-480-4895 ​​
Our Why
We believe that quality over quantity produces a better product and service for you, creates less headaches for us, and ultimately benefits the kids... something many of our competitors have forgotten. We aren't overpriced, we aren't understaffed. We run a safe, professional program without unecessary bells and whistles. Try us.... we think you'll like it!