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Enroll with RMK!

Enrollment opens for all families Saturday June 1st, 2019, using our new software platform, School Care Works. Simply click the enrollment button below anytime after May 31 2019 to get started.  
Please download and read the parent handbook on the right in addition to reviewing the steps below before completing your enrollment, as all policy and procedure changes pertinent to RMK care moving forward are listed in that manual for your review. For questions that are not answered on this page please email us!

Traditional RMK Partner Schools (Aurora Frontier, Foundations, Highline NE, Landmark):
Simply Click the link below and enroll, paying your enrollment fee at checkout with Credit, Debit, or ACH only. No scholarships are available at these locations. Detailed instructions are listed below for your convenience.

Mill Levy Partial Funding RMK Partner Schools (Century, Jewell, Lansing):
Simply click the link below and enroll. You must pay your own enrollment fee at checkout with Credit, Debit, or ACH only and then your discount code will be applied to your account after enrollment automatically to be used for signing up for care (offsets $11 of the $13 for after care for the 2019-2020 school year.) Detailed instructions are listed below for your convenience.

Mill Levy Full Funding Partner School (Lyn Knoll): Simply enroll, and click apply scholarship at checkout. Use code  Lyn Knoll  at checkout to offset the enrollment fee (paid on your behalf by Lyn Knoll elementary), then your discount for fully discounted care will be applied to your account after enrollment is complete. This will allow you to sign up for after care sessions at no cost to your family. Detailed instructions are listed below for your convenience. 

Mill Levy RMK Scholarship Partner Schools (Aurora Quest [15], Tollgate [60], Vista Peak [20]):
Simply enroll by clicking the 'enroll now' link to the right. If you would like to be considered for scholarship assistance, mark 'yes' on the enrollment question inquiring on your need within the enrollment application. RMK will send you an application for scholarship aid. If you are selected your tuition will be fully waived, and your enrollment fee will be reimbursed. These funds are intended for families whom are in an income bracket that may cause barriers to purchasing care or are experiencing other difficulties causing barriers that financial aid may assist with. Detailed instructions are listed below for your convenience. 

Steps for accurate enrollment:
  1. Click the link above, taking you to schoolcareworks enrollment.
  2. Select your school age (K-8 or Pre-K - families with both may start at either and reselect the correct age when adding a second child before checkout), then continue.
  3. Select your childs primary school, and if attending full day or summer programming select the additional site(s) for where you would send them for breaks (Frontier, Landmark, Tollgate, or Jewell)
  4. Complete your enrollment questionnaire for each child, including guardian info, then continue.
  5. Add additional children if necessary.
  6. Create a profile for your connect portal (where you will signup for care) notating your username and password somewhere safe for later retrieval.
  7. Pay and submit your enrollment application. No matter how many sites you enroll in, you will only be charged one fee per household. You will see a green success box when your enrollment is successfully submitted. See fees below for enrollment pricing. 
  8. STOP - your submission at this point is being reviewed by RMK staff. You will receive an email from once your enrollment is approved. If your enrollment is rejected for some reason you will be contacted by RMK administration to resolve any issues. 
  9. Once that email is received, log on as a member to using the portal information above that you saved from your enrollment. 
  10. Once logged in, select the autopay tab in the upper right hand corner of the menu, and upload your payment information you would like RMK to use for processing payments. 
  11. Beginning July 1st, you may begin signing up under the attendance tab in the upper left menu. Be sure to keep you and your childrens information up to date in this portal, as this feeds directly to our records and will be the info we use moving forward to care for your child. 
  12. Be sure to click the tab that says Personal , selecting your name to find your PIN number before checking your child in our out on site. (Personal > Parents/Guardians/Select name/View PIN). This will be the required method of check in and check out moving forward. 

Email us with questions or issues regarding enrollment. Thank you.

If you are enrolled for summer care, and need to update your card on file only, please ​ click here
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2019-20 Parent Handbook