Aurora Frontier P-8
RMK has been the proud partner of Aurora Frontier K-8 since 2017.
Step 1:Review the best pricing options and package options for Rocky Mountain Kids for before, after, half and full day care by clicking the link below. 
Step 2: Enroll your child to attend RMK care for before, after, half, and full day care by clicking the link below. 
Annual fee: $35 per family per year
Summer fee: $5 per child

Step 3: Save this page to your favorites and check back for any alerts or upcoming changes. To schedule care at Frontier, click the link below to go to the signupgenius site, and schedule up to 45 days of care in advance.
Regular Signup
Summer Signup
School Website
Update Credit Card
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Update Med Forms
Meet the staff

 To contact the Frontier RMK staff directly, please email

 Aurora Frontier Notifications:

 Full day care has been opened to the first 60 children signed up for Friday, April 27, 2018 using the 'Regular Signup'   link above. No drop ins will be permitted this day. 
 Summer signup is now live above!

 $5 summer fee will begin being collected at the start of summer care 5/26/2018 and forward for attendees.

 Aurora Frontier is our combined summer facility for both Aurora Frontier and Aurora Quest participants.

Parent Handbook