Bronze Package
Silver Package
Gold Package
In this option you pay the full daily rate, collected via your card on file at the end of each week. There are no discounts for Bronze customers, and you must keep a valid credit card on file at all times. This option is intended only for those who use care infrequently.

*Due to State regulation, and to ensure we always have proper staffing to accomodate your kid(s), we significantly discount your rate if you pay a week or a month in advance (See Silver or Gold options). This allows us to keep a more accurate child headcount, preserving the highest safety standards possible. 
In this option, you​ simply schedule your kid(s) needed care on Signupgenius for the upcoming week before Saturday at
midnight the week prior
 to care, and you automatically save 10% off of the posted Bronze rates. Dues are billed the Sunday prior to care.
Teachers, Servicemembers, and Veterans receive and additional 5% off, as a thank you for your service.

*Those who fail to register by Saturday at midnight will be automatically reduced to the Bronze pricing option.  
If you intend on using every morning, or every afternoon, or both - purchase a month pass in advance and receive a 20% discount off our Bronze daily​
rate. By choosing the Gold Package, you pay ahead for the month for whichever block you'll use (All mornings, All afternoons, or both), and we will schedule you in for every regular session that month!

*Any days needed in addition to your gold option (half days, full days, breaks, etc.) must still be signed up for on Signupgenius and will be billed at the Silver rate.
Teacher Express
Are you an on site staff member, faculty, or administration? If your child attends Rocky Mountains Kids in the afternoon, and you are able to pick them up within an hour after school releases, we encourage you to use Teacher Express. Teacher Express only charges $5 for after care for the hour after regular school release, allowing those who are eligible to wrap up their loose ends at school before picking up their child. Notate your file upon enrollment to utilize this service.
2018 RMK Pricing Table
Rocky Mountain Kids uses a private, safe, and secure billing method that utilizes the following schedule for billing:

Bronze & Teacher Express: Charged the weekend after care was used, using the primary card on file unless otherwise requested.
Silver: Charges  card on file for the total amount of sessions enrolled in on Signupgenius, billing the Sunday prior to care for all sessions signed up for by Saturday at midnight. Sessions enrolled in after midnight will be subject to Bronze rate.
Gold: Charges card on file for the sum of your elected gold package (before, after, or both) for all regular sessions. Full days, half days, and breaks must be enrolled in separately using signupgenius and will be billed in accordance with the Silver schedule. Gold payments will always be collected the Sunday prior to the start of each month.