Bronze Package
Silver Package
Gold Package
In this option you pay our base daily rate, collected via your card on file at the end of each week. Participating RMK schools staff/faculty, as well as Veterans and Servicemembers will receive 15% off the Bronze rate (must verify ID for discount). No other discounts are honored for Bronze customers. All customers must keep a valid credit card on file at all times. Just drop in to use this option!
Simply schedule your care on Signupgenius for the upcoming week a minimum two days prior to care, and you automatically save ~10% off of the Bronze rate.

Dues are billed automatically thru Signupgenius, including third party processing fees. No additional discounts are offered on the Silver plan (Military, Veterans, and Teachers are advised to use Bronze to receive an additional 5% discount over Silver)

*Those who fail to register two days prior to care will be automatically locked out of that particular signup and will need to drop in, signing in to use the Bronze pricing option.  
Receive a ~20% discount off our Bronze daily​ rate by choosing the Gold Package. In this package you pay ahead for the entire month for whichever block you'll use (All mornings, All afternoons, or both), and we reduce your cost to our lowest rate (Max 20%).  Dues are billed automatically thru Signupgenius, including third party processing fees. No additional discounts are available on this plan.

*Any days needed in addition to your gold option (full days, breaks, etc.) must still be signed up for on Signupgenius and are billed at the Silver rate.​ All Gold customers must purchase month slot two days prior to the first day of care, or will need to sign up for Silver until the next month. 
Teacher Express
Teacher Express only charges $5 for after care the first hour after regular school releases, allowing those who are eligible to wrap up their loose ends at school before picking up their child. Notate your file upon enrollment to utilize this service.
Pricing (Effective 8.1.18)
Terms and conditions (Effective 8.1.18)
Rocky Mountain Kids uses a private, safe, and secure billing method that utilizes the following schedule for billing:

Annual fee(s): Charges account using the primary card on file unless otherwise requested, typically mid July each year.

Bronze & Teacher Express: Charges the weekend after care was used, using the primary card on file unless otherwise requested.

Silver & Gold: Billed independently thru signupgenius. Refunds and cancellations subject to terms and conditions set by Signupgenius. Cancellations for care must be completed at least 1 day in advance to be eligible for refund. All other absences must be requested for a credit with Rocky Mountain Kids by submitting a  request form here.

All charges are subject to an additional 5% +50 cent processing fee in accordance with third party processor.